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About the Founders!

Simi and Amrit, the dynamic founders of DIYTINERARY, are more than entrepreneurs; they're dedicated professionals juggling full-time careers while nurturing their shared passion for travel. Despite the busy schedule, their enthusiasm for exploration never fades.

Amrit, a Product Manager, and Simi, an Implementation Coach, devote their days to their professions, seamlessly transitioning to fuel their business after work. A quirky trait of Amrit's - she thrives amidst the hum of a switched-on television! Yes, work and study blend harmoniously with her favorite shows. (Shh! Simi affectionately calls Amrit as the 'Bean Potato'—a playful name for their sibling bond.)

Their journey began in 2018 when the Singh Sisters started sharing their savvy travel tips. As they embarked on premium trips without breaking the bank, people took notice. In 2020, during Amrit's extended trip in Goa, her knack for finding exceptional, budget-friendly accommodations led to a viral reel that sparked immense interest.

Driven by their passion for exploration and efficient trip planning, DIYTINERARY was born, evolving into the beloved platform it is today.

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